I’m Gil. I’m an M.sc graduate in computer science and a Phd candidate at Tel-Aviv University. My advisors are Prof. Tal Hassner and Prof. Lior Wolf.

My interests are computer vision, machine learning (particularly deep learning), image processing and OpenCV,  and this blog will focus on these subjects.

You can contact me at gil.levi100@gmail.com.

Here is my LinkedIn profile (including list of publications).

Hope you’ll enjoy reading here.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. StevenPuttemans

    Seriously, this is the first time I have read your blogposts, but I will mark it as very interesting! Keep up the good work, they are a great base of information for my students and their projects.

      1. StevenPuttemans

        I would say, keep up the good work. The guide on binary descriptors is really interesting. I myself am planning to make a sortlike series after finishing my project on Viola&Jones / DPM and ChnFtrs. Might try to follow the same layout, in order to create some sort of documentation set 🙂

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